The Santa Clarita Valley Concert Band is conducted by Tim Durand, who also serves as the musical director. The band has a repertoire of over 750 musical  arrangements, and performs regularly.

Our Conductor: Tim has been conducting the Santa Clarita Valley Concert Band since 1996 and has been conducting whenever the chance arises since he was fourteen years old. He has a Bachelor's degree in Tuba Performance from California State University, Northridge and a Master's degree in Historical Musicology from UCLA. By day he is a computing manager at Aerojet Rocketdyne and in the evenings enjoys pursuing his musical passions. As a performer he has played with the San Fernando Valley Symphony Orchestra, the Burbank Symphony, the Los Angeles Solo Repertory Orchestra, and the Conejo Symphony Orchestra, among other orchestras, bands, and performing ensembles.


    Musical Director: Tim Durand * denotes section leader

    Megan Lee (Piccolo)*
    Vicki Galarneau (Piccolo)
    Natalie Ripley
    Laura Durand
    Paola Castillo

    Sarah Bloxham*

    Brian Wilcher (Eb)*
    Janet Sorrentino
    Steve Langinger
    Jim Murphy
    Steve Danchik
    Otto Sit
    Mary Ledbetter

     Bass Clarinet
    Kristi Kubo

Alto Saxophone
Nancy Fox*
Sarah Beran
JJ Arlington


Tenor Saxophone
Anne Stutzman


Baritone Saxophone
Pat Girton



Jodi Malone*
Russ Herrington
John Schirmeister
Hessa Benfield
Don Gibson
Ray Clouse
Michael Clouse
Spencer Clouse

French Horn
Teri Rankin*

Kevin Dalbey*
Lew White
Sandy Collins
Jan Boswell
Jerry Blomberg


Mark Malone*
Octavio Jimenez

Bob VanAlstine

Ron Steinborn

String Bass
Jeanne Giannini

Sandy Wilcher*
Aaron Goodman
Brian Pridemore

   Board of Directors:

    President/Music Director: Tim Durand
    Vice President: Mark Malone
    Treasurer: Janet Sorrentino
    Secretary: Megan Lee
    Librarian: Bob Van Alstine
    Director-at-Large: Hessa Benfield
    Director-at-Large: Sarah Bloxham
    Director-at-Large: Vicki Galarneau
    Director-at-Large: Don Gibson
    Director-at-Large: Mary Ledbetter

    To join the band or to book the band for your event, please contact us.

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